Saturday, August 14, 2010


Oh my goodness.  It's amazing how quickly this week went by, yet so much happened that it feels like I've been in Orlando a lot longer.  I started training yesterday with an orientation to the park, and I already feel like that was days ago.  It seems as though most of the other CPs I know had at least one day off this weekend, but I didn't.  Seven straight days of training for me!  And I won't lie, I've felt a bit lonely the past two days.  So far it's been really early mornings with extremely busy days until the evening.  Then I'm so exhausted after each shift that I just go home, eat dinner, and get to bed soon because I need to be at the park early the next morning.  My roommates and some of my other CP friends have spent their day(s) off getting to know each other by hanging out around apartment complexes or going to parks.  And I've either been too busy with these training shifts or too tired once my work day ends to spend much time with my friends before I need more sleep.  But on the bright side, I will have my first two weeks' rent paid off before many other participants! :-)

By the way, now I can officially post here that I am working at Splash Mountain!  I think this is one of the reasons why my training schedule is so packed; it's one of the busiest attractions and there is a lot to know about it.  At the end of the day, I'd rather have a really busy shift than one with lots of lag time.

ETA: I should probably mention that I haven't met any coworkers over the last two days, either.  The shifts consisted of following around the coordinator and doing e-learning in the computer labs.  I actually start training at Splash during this next shift, so I can meet people with whom I'll be working and hopefully feel more involved.

Now I realize my last post said you would get detailed info on check-in and Traditions.  Truth is I'm just too tired to go back over all the details.  So instead, here are some highlights from the past few days!

  • Getting our desired apartment at Patterson Court and moving in with some great roommates!
  • Watching the fireworks from the Poly on Monday and Tuesday night with said roommates as well as some other CPs
  • Finally getting groceries :)
  • First time in the Utilidors (I think they're really cool)
  • First time I got into a park with my work ID the night after Traditions (and so far the only time.  Like I said, busy!)
  • Knowing that I don't need to rush through anything.  I have plenty of time to see attractions, explore resorts, etc.
  • Going to a CP party and getting free food.  Seriously, nothing attracts students like free food!
  • Registering for my two classes.  I'm taking Disney Heritage and Guest Service, both part of the Exploration Series.
  • Almost being instructed to color my natural hair.  I just found it amusing that my real hair color was "thisclose" to not fitting the Disney Look.  Luckily they changed their minds!
  • Once Upon a Time... Is Now!  I enjoyed it, except for the part about wearing nice/uncomfortable shoes to walk through the MK.
  • "Area Awareness" with one of the Frontierland coordinators.  She was really nice and helpful!
Well I need to get to sleep.  Take care!!


Cori said...

Haha you aren't the only one! I've had training every day since Traditions, and every single morning was an early one. Today's my first 'morning off', but I work 8 hours later, so that makes up for it. Lauren's been off for the last three days.

Jillian said...

I'm in the same boat with early mornings/early bedtimes! I think I've only seen my roommate 3 times since we checked in. :/

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