Monday, July 12, 2010

Less than a month to go!

The countdown to check-in day is under 30 days now.


I love making lists, so here's a quick checklist of things I still need to do before leaving for the CP:
 - Finish filling out all of the paperwork
 - Get a Disney Look-appropriate pair of glasses just in case (my pink frames definitely won't work, and the black ones might be a bit too bold on me)
 - Final pow-wows with the three girls I'm hoping to share an apartment with so we can plan
 - Clean out my car completely
 - Make lists of what to bring and start packing
 - Organize my room, including ordering/assembling my new bookcase and putting away everything that isn't coming with me

Lots of preparations still need to be made!  Speaking of packing, I've been toying with what entertainment items (books, DVDs, etc.) I'll bring to Orlando.  I definitely don't want to bring my entire DVD collection because it would take up too much room.  So I think I'll narrow it down to ten or so that I simply know I want to have available during the CP.  So many things can be watched online these days that I don't really feel I'll need more than that by myself.  I'll have to do the same with my books.  Now the difficult task of narrowing down which ones I can't be without looms ahead of me.  Maybe two or three of my favorites, and then seven or eight thick books that I haven't read yet?  And then there are knitting supplies too, but that will be simpler.  All of my tools are kept in a box together so it's just a matter of figuring out which yarns to bring. Aside from those three categories, I have not thought of any other entertainment/miscellaneous items I could pack other than my photo album and a lamp.  It will be interesting to see what sneaks into my car as I'm packing.

A recent development is that my family is making plans to come visit me while I'm in Florida.  My parents want to visit for one weekend in September so they went ahead and made reservations at All-Star Sports.  Hopefully I'll be able to request a day off while they are there!  And because they can't bear the thought of not seeing me at Christmastime they decided to plan a WDW trip that week and bring my younger sister.  I warned them that there's basically no chance I'll be able to make requests during the week of Christmas but I can try to see them between shifts as much as possible.  It's not like they'll be short on things to do in WDW. :-)

I'm taking my plane trip this weekend.  Send me good travel vibes, please!  And take care!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Sorry I haven't updated lately.  There isn't a lot of CP-related stuff going on at the moment.  But I am enjoying my summer, as I hope you are!  Just for kicks, I thought I'd revisit my list of ten things I wanted/needed to do before the CP.  Some of the tasks are accomplished, some not.  But with a month left before I leave there's a bit of time to kill.

1. Complete my senior thesis. - This went very well!
2. Graduate. - Done!  My diploma even arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  I'll get it framed eventually.
3. Knit my birthday/graduation blanket. - Definitely didn't start this at all.  I discovered the joy of knitting instant gratification projects (hats, mitts, etc.) so this project is postponed.
4. Go to St. Augustine with my best friend. - We leave Monday!  She and I both need a vacation and I'm very excited.
5. Read as much as I possibly can. - Well this really can't be crossed off, can it?  I didn't read as much as I wanted to, but I did get a lot more leisure reading done than usual.
6. Move out of my apartment and find a place to store my stuff. - A work in progress.  There are some pieces of furniture that still need to be moved out, and my roommates and I need to clean out our kitchen soon.
7. Up my Netflix use. - Again, not really something that can be crossed off completely because of its vague nature.  But I definitely received/sent DVDs more frequently and used Watch Instantly a lot.
8. Work on my running. - I admit that I didn't do this.  But I did manage to make it to the gym several times this summer so at least I got exercise.
9. Get my own health insurance plan. - Finally, something that can be crossed off! :-)
10. Pack for the CP. - I have yet to start this one.  Most of my stuff is packed up in boxes while I move but it needs to be filtered through while I figure out what I'm actually bringing with me next month.

I guess looking at it this way, my summer to-do efforts look like a bit of a failure.  But that's the consequence of choosing vague goals!  And there were other things I did that aren't on this list I wrote several months ago.

The next couple of weeks before I leave will be very busy, as well.  Robin and I leave on Monday and get back the following Friday.  Then the next morning I'm getting on a plane for a weekend trip to surprise someone.  I hate flying so I'm bringing a book or two and hoping that the flights go by quickly.  I would bring some knitting, but getting needles on the plane is so dependent on the whim of the particular guard checking carry-on luggage that I won't bother.  When I get back from that trip, there will be less than three weeks left before check-in so it will be time to start seriously packing!

That's it for me today.  Take care of yourself, dear reader!

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