Monday, March 8, 2010

10 Things to Do Before the CP

I'll be arriving in Orlando for my CP in just five months!  This got me thinking about everything I want/need to do between now and August.  Thus, a list!  They're in no particular order of priority, but the first two are the most immediate.

1. Complete my senior thesis.

To get my BA in History, I'm required to finish a large senior research project as the pièce de résistance of my undergraduate work. My seminar is "History in Film," which is a much better fit for me than my first attempt last semester ("View of the Enemy in Wartime"). I tried to complete this project in Fall 2009 so I would not be worrying about it right before graduation, but my project got too big and messy and I just didn't get along with the professor advising me on it. So I withdrew, and registered for another seminar. I am so much happier this time! I genuinely love my research, and wish I could devote all of my academic energy to it rather than dealing with my other four classes too.

2. Graduate.
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Graduation is exactly two months from today, and I can't wait!! I'm not really that excited about the ceremony and hullabaloo. But I got my cap and gown last week, and hanging them up in my bedroom will hopefully motivate me in my slacker moments.
3. Knit my birthday/graduation blanket.
My birthday/graduation gift to myself is a blanket that I intend to knit sometime during the summer.  I bought the yarn for it back during the holiday sales but I haven't been able to start it yet.  It's going to be royal blue and hopefully oh-so snuggly!  The only thing I'm not looking forward to is knitting such a warm blanket during the hot months.  I made one for my parents for Christmas, and it was so nice to have the blanket-in-progress spread over my legs while it was cold.  But summer will be a different story!

4. Go to St. Augustine with my best friend.
Last summer my best friend and I went to St. Augustine, FL, for a couple of days. This photo was taken when we climbed the lighthouse. We were planning to take another trip there during spring break, but that fell through. So hopefully at some point this summer we can go back and enjoy beaches, historic sites, and Bahama Blues.

5. Read as much as I possibly can.
I have so many books on my shelves that have been waiting years.  It's rare that I have any time for leisure reading, and when I do have the time I'm so wiped out from reading for classes that I can't focus on it.  Actually, I think I've almost forgotten how to read fiction!  Rob sent me a short story for his creative writing class, and my brain couldn't handle it.  Characters?  Imagery?  No one is critically analyzing anything?  Madness!  Anyway, so I want to read as much as possible during the summer from the various books I have sitting around.

6. Move out of my apartment and find a place to store my stuff.
My lease doesn't end until the beginning of August, so I have plenty of time to do this. I intend to keep a lot of my furniture after I move out, but obviously I can't take it to the CP with me. So I'll have to store it away. And I'm not taking many of my books, DVDs, or other knick-knacks, so they'll need to be stored too.

7. Up my Netflix use!
I first signed up for Netflix because I needed access to their DVD collection for my senior thesis (both attempts, actually!). Now I'm wondering why I didn't have an account earlier! It's mind-blowing how many options they have for movies, television shows, and documentaries. I'm on the plan for two DVDs at a time, but right now they're both thesis-related so my enormous DVD queue is going to have to wait awhile longer. But I use the Watch Instantly section as much as I can. Over the summer, I intend to tear through both queues as much as possible because I plan to cancel my membership before leaving for the CP.

8. Work on my running.

You might have read my earlier post about the WDW half-marathon that I want to do in January. So I need to keep up with training! Regardless of whether I'm ultimately able to participate in the race, at least I'll reap the benefits. I can always try for another WDW marathon. And hopefully it will help me be better prepared physically for my CP work, especially if I'm required to stand and walk around for several hours at a time.

9. Get on my own health insurance plan.
My family has always handled our health insurance through my mom's job, since she's in the medical field. She switched to a new employer last year, and our insurance plan switched with her. Unfortunately, this plan cuts me out a year earlier than our old one. So as of next month, when I turn 22, I'll be uninsured. My dad and I have already found a plan that we think will work well, but I have to wait until closer to my birthday to apply for it. As a graduation gift, my parents are going to pay for my health insurance while I am on the CP. I need to go ahead and apply as soon as I'm able to do so.
10. Pack for the CP!
Sorry about the watermark, but the photo really amused me. Like everyone else I have to figure out what to bring and what to leave behind, pack it all up, and fit it into my car. I'm so glad I'm able to drive to the CP so that I have more room for bring things to and from Orlando.

That's all for today!  By the way, I have a new blog background!  I'm trying to design a header for myself, but haven't made one I love yet.


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