Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Guess what arrived yesterday?  My purple folder!  I don't have my camera right now to take any pictures, but I'll do that ASAP.

So after I put up my roommate survey, I got a couple of comments from people interested in sharing an apartment.  I promise that I will sit down and respond as soon as I can! :-)  In the very near future I'm also going to make a list of everything I own that I think will be useful for the apartment, both for me personally and for community use.  I'm actually kind of bummed that school is taking so much of my time/energy that I can't participate as much in the WDWCP discussions as I'd like.  I usually jump on Facebook for two minutes to check and possibly respond quickly to something.  And with all of these blogs to follow, my Google Reader is working hard to keep me updated!

Today I have a meeting with my senior seminar professor to discuss my thesis topic, and then hopefully I'll be good to go and can start researching more thoroughly and submit my proposal next week.  I'm excited about this project, and hopefully I can keep up with it and all of my other schoolwork.  SO.  MUCH.  READING.  I don't even enjoy doing things outside work for class like fun reading, knitting, or watching a movie, because I always feel like I'm procrastinating since there is always something I need to be working on for school.  Rob thought I was crazy or depressed last night because I didn't go watch LOST at my friends' house like I usually do.

Speaking of Rob, we had a great Valentine's weekend!  It did end up snowing on Friday, and how!  My 1.5 hour drive wasn't difficult, though.  It wasn't until after I stopped by Walmart to pick up some food and head to his house that I even had troubles driving in the snow, because by then the roads were completely covered except for the two tire tracks where someone had driven before me.  After I got to his house, we went out in the snow for awhile with his mom and took some photos.  Believe me, Georgia natives tend to be amazed by snow that is actually sticking to the ground.  After it got dark, we went inside, and the power went out!  It came back on around midnight, though.  Saturday morning, we all got up early and went outside to play again.  I even made a snowmouse!  But I haven't uploaded my photos of it yet.  That evening, Rob and I had our Valentine's date since I was leaving Sunday afternoon.  He made us spaghetti and Texas toast (yummmmmm!!) and we watched The Emperor's New Groove and Mulan, two of our Disney favorites.  He gave me a Snow White card that said "You're the fairest of them all!" as well as a rose, lots of candy, and a cute Disney princess mailbox thing.  I wasn't expecting any gifts, so I felt bad because I didn't get him anything. :-/  But  I love how low-key our Valentine's dates are now, since we've been together for almost five years.  We don't see each other often so I was just thrilled to spend the whole weekend with him!

Here are a few photos from the weekend of the snow!

Love this one!  And he's wearing the "man scarf" that I knitted for him. :)

I didn't have any makeup on, sorry.  Who puts on makeup to go play in the snow?

Right after it started on Friday. Snow??  What is this?!

Last, a photo of what their front yard looked like on Saturday morning.

Unfortunately it didn't last long.  By Saturday afternoon, more than half of the snow had melted.  By Sunday evening, it was almost completely gone everywhere.

Well I need to be going.  Take care, and have a magical day!


Abigail Nora said...

my super-active google reader and abundance of facebook groups to check are at once awesome and a problem for my gpa, haha.

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