Friday, February 19, 2010


So it occurred to me that I never posted anything about my official job description as an Attractions CP.  Now here it is, according to the official WDWCP website:

Attractions - Onstage Role

Responsibilities may include:
  • Working at one or more of the "rides" or theater shows
  • Loading and unloading Guests from an attraction
  • Operating sophisticated ride systems
  • Memorizing and delivering lengthy narrations on a microphone to large groups
  • Handling the evacuation of an attraction when necessary
  • Monitoring Guest flow and providing a safe Guest experience
  • Assisting with audience control, including during parades
  • Operating a motorized vehicle
  • Cleaning areas surrounding attractions
  • Working with FASTPASS®, the ticketing distribution system that confirms attraction ride times
  • Standing for extended periods, working outdoors
I am so curious as to where they will assign me!

One of the main things that concerns me is the shift times.  From what I've read, they are legally required to give you eight hours between the end of one shift and the start of the next.  But that means they don't have to give you more than eight hours.  For example, you could work EMH at a theme park and your shift might end at 2am.  And you could be starting your next shift at 10am later that morning!  So say you give yourself an hour to get home and get to bed, and an hour to get ready and get to work the next day.  That means at the most, you could get six hours of sleep; you could potentially get much less.  As someone who does feel a bit under the weather if they don't get enough sleep, I am worried about instances like this.  But I guess I will just need to take it as it comes and try to rest as much as I can so I will be fresh and energized for each shift.

Now, isn't there a 20-page article I am supposed to be reading for my next class?


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