Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowpocalypse Now?

Good morning!  I'm so excited to see people taking an interest in my CP blog and following it.  It puts a smile on my face!  I'm hoping to get my purple folder in the next couple of days, possibly Monday?  And I have so many other blogs that I need to catch up on, too!  School is keeping me busy lately, so my internet usage will vary for awhile.  Whoever came up with that idea of an easy final undergrad semester clearly overlooked the senior thesis.  Blegh.  I'd also like to put up a more Disney-fied layout when I have time to work on it.  This one took two minutes to upload, so it will have to do for now.

So today my area of the country is supposed to be getting a taste of the Snowpocalypse.  I live pretty far south so we get snow very rarely, and it only sticks to the ground once every few years.  Last March we actually had a TON of snow, more than we'd had in years.  I know it wasn't a lot compared to some regions, but it was a lot for us.  My roommates and I were snowed in so we had a Disney movie marathon.  We were lucky, though; several streets completely lost power for days.  Anyway today we are supposedly getting 1-3 inches, and that's a big enough deal around here that everyone goes into freak-out mode. :-)

I was awakened this morning by the radio announcements telling me that pretty much every school in my city was closed today in anticipation of the inclement weather (I told you, just the idea of snow is enough around here!).  So I was certain that my university would be closed for the day, too.  The policy is that they send out an official e-mail by 6:30am.  But there was no e-mail.  Yes, my university is too cool to follow the city's example so it's class as usual today.

I'm mainly concerned because I'm supposed to leave town today to drive back home for the weekend (I'm going to spend Valentine's weekend with my boyfriend!).  I don't want to be driving on icy or snowy roads this afternoon just because I had to show up for attendance points.  Yuck.  So wish me luck with driving today!  I hope we do get snow, I just want to be curled up inside enjoying it rather than trying to drive in it.

As for more Disney stuff, I'm actually trying to make a list of WDW or CP-related topics that I can blog about to keep readers entertained.  And as my arrival date get closer, I'm sure other things will pop up to write about.  I can't believe I'll be moving in less than six months!


Lauren said...

Just saw your comment that you found my blog! Anyway, I think I just added you on facebook yesterday haha! Funny!!

Anyway, yay Fall!!! What's your arrival date?!?! Mine is 8/9! My roommate and I are still looking for some apt mates if you'd wanna live in a 3-4 bedroom in chatham!

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