Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How to Cheat at Five Facts!

As you may have noticed, this "Five Facts" vlog thing has quickly taken off.  And in her "Five Facts" vlog, Jenn "tagged" a nebulous group of us who blog but don't vlog.  I'm taking this an an invitation to cheat at the tradition. :-)  I considered making a vlog for the first time, but honestly the idea of putting myself on YouTube gives me the creeps at this point.  That's a lot of eyes to be peering at me from their screens as I try to articulate into the webcam.  Live audiences I can handle.  Virtual viewers, no way!  So sorry, but you must continue to enjoy (or loathe) me in written form for now!

Five Fun Facts about Anna!

1. I've lived in Georgia my entire life and have no southern accent.
It's true that people are often surprised to hear that I've never lived anywhere but the South because I have no trace of an accent to indicate it.  Sometimes I throw in a "y'all" or two just for fun.  But if I want the fun(ny) accent, I have to fake it.  And when I try to fake it, it's usually not very good.

2. I can't whistle.
And of course this means that every person I've ever told was sure that they could be the one to teach me!  It's never worked.  There's no music in these lips, I guess.

3. My car is named George Boleyn.
History geek alert!  That and I'm a huge fan of naming cars.  This includes naming mine and everyone else's.  My first car was named Elphaba because she was too big, awkward-looking, and had a strange green tint.  But a few years ago she died. :(  So for the past five years I've been driving around in George.  And he's all decked out with Tinkerbell gear!  At first I didn't care for George and just missed my old car, but now I love him.

4. I love to travel.
Most people do, right?  I really enjoy going on trips, both to new places and old favorites.  So far I've been to numerous states around the U.S. including Hawaii, as well as the Bahamas, France, Italy, Sweden, Malta, and the Netherlands.  I can't wait to go back to some of these places, and there are many more on my list for future travel!  One of my favorite ways to kill time is to hop on the internet and plan fantasy trips to various locations.  Unfortunately though, I hate flying.  I wish we could travel everywhere by car, train, and ship.

5. I hate walking anywhere barefoot.
I have absolutely no idea how this preference got started, but at some point over the last several years I've practically developed a fear of floors and the ground in general.  So I can't walk anywhere without some kind of footwear, even if it's just socks or slippers, unless it is absolutely necessary.

And if you want to cheat at Five Facts, you need more than five facts!

6. I was involved in several theatre organizations and productions.
My first play was at age 10, when I got one of the lead roles in the school Christmas play.  I'm guessing the main reason they picked me is because I'm loud. :)  But I loved it, so until the end of high school I was heavily involved in school theatre stuff.  I even served as the Public Relations officer in my high school's Drama Club!  Last time I checked, they still use the format that I introduced for their programs/playbills.  Robert and I even met at Georgia Thespian Conference 2005!

So there you have it,  random facts about me!

Now on an unrelated note, I made an A on my senior thesis!  Confetti time!!


k. said...

Ah, that's so funny - if I could walk barefoot everywhere (well.. maybe not EVERYWHERE..) I would!

I hate shoes so much! (Which is weird because since I HAVE to wear them, I love buying new shoes!)

x, K

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