Sunday, May 2, 2010

Disney Photo of the Week: Finding Brer Fox!

Good evening, dear readers!  I can't believe that graduation is this Saturday.  Unreal!  Unfortunately I have three very difficult final exams between now and then. :-/  My mind is just all over the place getting ready for this week.  But on a happier note, there is another countdown to acknowledge!  I'm now officially in the double digits in counting down to the WDWCP!  Very exciting, indeed.

Week 14: Finding Brer Fox!

For this week, I chose a photo of myself and Brer Fox!

This picture comes from May 2007, when Rob and I went on our first Disney trip alone.  We picked a great time to go, because there were hardly any crowds!  On this particular morning, we got to the Magic Kingdom around 9:00am (if I recall correctly) and Frontierland was practically empty.  We rode Splash Mountain and even got our own log because we were the only ones in line!  After the ride we were wandering around leisurely, and spotted Brer Fox standing around waiting for guests to approach.  I think the character attendant said they were about to leave because no one was coming up to him.  So Rob and I ran up with his autograph book and then I got my picture taken.  They say he's not very rare around Frontierland, but I'd never seen Brer Fox before in the park.  It was great to get a photo with him!  And it was just one of many great memories from this trip.


k. said...

Good luck on your exams! You're almost there!! (:

x, K

Anna said...

Thanks, k.! I can't wait!

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