Friday, March 12, 2010

150 days / Happy Birthday, sis! (plus cake!)

So I will be checking into the CP in exactly 150 days!  That makes me really excited!  I applied for my new health insurance plan yesterday, so hopefully I can mark that off of my to-do list for the months before I head to Orlando.

Also today is my little sister's 19th birthday!  If any of my readers have younger siblings, I'm sure you can understand how strange it is to realize that they are getting older.  I still forget that she has her driver's license!  I finished decorating her birthday cake earlier today, and it's pretty cute if I do say so myself!  And I would write what I am giving her, but she's aware of the blog so she could peek!  I will say that it is themed Typhoon Lagoon, although I will probably have to tell her that because it's not horribly obvious.

But because nothing improves a blog post like pictures of cake, I will show you the Donald Duck cake that I made for her two years ago!  Don't judge too harshly, I'm not very good at decorating them.  It looks like it belongs on Cake Wrecks, so thank goodness I would never even try to do this professionally. :-D

I tried to rotate the photo, but it won't work!  So tilt your heads, everybody!

I didn't write the birthday message; that was Rob.  But trust me, mine wouldn't have been any neater!

I think she liked it.  Even if it wasn't the prettiest cake, it still tasted good!


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