Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Top 5 Magic Kingdom Attractions

I feel like school is eating me alive!  At least all I have left this week is a midterm exam and one lecture, then it's time for spring break!  Although I'll be spending break working on schoolwork, so I don't know why I'm so excited.  At some point over the break, I intend to finally Disney-fy this blog with a new layout.

Anyway, since I was accepted for Attractions and the MK is my favorite WDW park, I thought I would provide you lovely readers with my five favorite attractions there.  They are in no particular order, there are just five of them.  Enjoy!

5. Haunted Mansion

I successfully broke a Cast Member working there once when I was a child. We got into a staring contest and from what I hear, I made some angry face at him and he burst out laughing.

4. PhilharMagic

I am a bit red-green color blind, so I can't actually see the 3-D images in this show. But I enjoy it so much for the music, the characters, and the silliness. And I love Donald Duck!

3. Splash Mountain

This is a photo of Rob and I from our May 2007 trip.  Splash Mountain is always fun to ride, and it's a nice way to cool off on a hot afternoon!

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

I always try to ride Pirates of the Caribbean first at the Magic Kingdom. It's such a great ride, and I love the song! I often play "Yo Ho, Yo Ho!" in the car to remind myself of POTC.

1. Tomorrowland Transit Authority

Sorry for the bad photo, but I had trouble finding any other TTA ones in my files and it kinda fits. This is my younger sister and I dressed up for Halloween 2009 in the MK.  The TTA, formerly the Peoplemover, will always hold a place in my heart. My family and I spent so much time on this ride when my sister and I were little. My parents would take us around the ride over and over while we fell asleep before heading back to where ever we were staying. Even with all of the new additions it still has a lot of Walt Disney's personal touch, more so than other areas of the park. I do miss the old narration!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to catch up on last night's LOST!  TTFN!


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