Sunday, April 25, 2010

Disney Photo of the Week: A Picture with a Princess!

Happy Sunday, dear readers!  I hope that everyone is doing well as the semester winds down.  As for me, this week was interesting and rather depressing but things are looking up now.  Guess what?  Tomorrow I turn in my senior thesis and fill out my exit forms for the History department!  It's exciting!  I've spent most of the weekend revising, revising, and revising my paper because I'm a bit of a perfectionist.  If this baby is going to be published in my university's archives then I'll be proofreading right up until the end!  To be honest I'm picturing something like that final scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, but still!  And you can bet that I already have a bottle of champagne chilled and ready to be opened tomorrow night!

Now it's time for the photo of the week!

Week 15: A Picture with a Princess!

This picture is from December 2007, when my family was in WDW for New Year's.  I wanted to get lots of photos with characters, so I talked everyone into going with me to meet the Disney Princesses in the Judge's Tent.  So here I am with Aurora, and I'm attempting to imitate the "princess" pose that they often strike in photos.  As you can see, I definitely wasn't on the same level!  And the too-big pants!  Definitely not princess-y.  Aurora was very sweet.  She asked me which kingdom I traveled from and whether I came by carriage or magic carpet.

I hope I can get tons of character photos this fall!  Everyone take care, and have a magical week!


k. said...

I love that picture!
I only have pictures with Disney princesses from when I was way little - as I got older, I became more impatient and didn't want to wait an hour in line to meet them ):

But this Fall (if I get it) it's ON! I'll make it a quest to meet them ALL! (:

& thank you for the kind words on your last comment! I think I'll find out on Tuesday - they emailed to say they want to have a short "15 minute" interview with me on Tuesday (I already had my first one at the end of March) - so I'm hoping this is a good thing.

But shhh.. I haven't told anyone about that interview yet ;)

(Holy long comment! Sorry about that!)

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