Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boom, posted!

So four months from today, I'll be leaving for Orlando!  At least, that's the plan so far.  I am getting so excited!  And I graduate one month from tomorrow, which feels fantastic.  Now if only there weren't all these assignments and final exams in between.

My parents came into town for a quick visit today, so they took my sister and I out to eat.  We chatted for a bit about the CP and what things I need to shop for over the summer before I leave.  I can tell they are really excited for me!  We also decided to postpone any celebration of my birthday (April 21st!) until May 9th when we are going to celebrate graduation.  So it will be one big day of Anna love. :-D  I am just going to be too busy before then to feel like engaging in any birthday-related festivities.  Besides, my Nana is coming to visit from Wyoming to go to graduation, so just having a family evening to combine the two seemed like a practical idea.  But I am sad because Robert won't be able to be there for personal reasons.  He's been so supportive and helpful over the last few years and it meant a lot to me to celebrate this achievement with him.  But life likes to throw curveballs sometimes, and he'll be there with me in spirit.

On a lighter note, I've already started thinking about what Christmas gifts I want to send/bring back from WDW!  I especially love this thread on the DIS, and it's given me all sorts of ideas.  Some people will still be getting other gifts too, but I couldn't not give the Disney fans in my life something from the World.  I'm going to try and hold off on buying gifts until the holiday discounts kick in, unless it's something that I know will be unavailable by then.  As for other Christmas shopping, I'm actually going to try and get that done over the summer!  Then I can leave wrapped gifts with whoever I can count on to distribute them when the time comes.  That way I won't be scrambling to find gifts while in Orlando or have to pay as much in shipping charges if the gift is something I could have selected earlier and left at home.

Well that's all for right now.  I've got some CP-centric post ideas floating around in my head, so I'm going to work on formulating them.  There are already so many great blogs out there providing info on the program itself, so I don't want to just copy them.  I'm trying to come up with stuff I can write about in relation to the CP without sounding (or reading) like a robot.  Because as much as I hope past/present/future CP participants will enjoy learning information about the grand scheme of the program here, this blog is first and foremost about me and my personal experiences with it.  So until I actually arrive in August, posts will be pretty varied.


Anonymous said...

*hugs* I love you, Sweetheart. ~

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